Te va a Doler – Mr black Letra

Lyrics of: You’re going to Doler – Mr black Lyrics

That I Will Tell My Kisses When They Ask For You And In The Early Morning When The Cold Arrives And You Are Not. I Have To Deceive My Thoughts To Speak Well Of You You Caught The Paca Leaving A Void In The Motel. What’s Not Late When

You Want to Return That I Haunted You And I’ll Leave You The Train When You Stand In Front Of The Mirror And You Realize That You’re Not Beautiful Like Yesterday You’re Going To Doll When You Visit The Greyness And Wrinkles Take Over Your Face You’ll See IT IS GOING TO HURT YOU.

It’s going to hurt you when I’m in the arms of another one. It takes over my smile and I forget your face. You’ll cry when I’m in the arms of another and I forget your mouth and I forget your swallow.

Lyrics / Lyrics: You are going to Doler – Mr black

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